Friday, June 12, 2009


Welcome to the beginning of our farm blog! When we started our CSA, we created a CSA newsletter to keep members involved with farm happenings. We loved sharing our farm and family stories, news, photos, and recipes in this newsletter. However, the format was limiting, not everyone could open it on their email, and sometimes the emailed newsletter would bounce back. This blog is a space you can visit anytime, from any computer with an internet connection, and we can share it with family and friends as well! We will post farm photos and happenings here at least weekly, but not necessarily on CSA pick-up day. Often all hands are needed in the field Tuesday mornings to ensure you receive an ample supply of fresh vegetables in your share, leaving little time for sitting at the computer. This season promises to be an exciting one, with our new baby due in mid-September, our new house construction just beginning, crops thriving in the field, and livestock heartily grazing the lush early summer pastures. This year, we decided to take better advantage of the pastures by lambing on pasture, instead of lambing early spring in the barn. Yesterday, after a long wait, we finally had our first lamb! She is loving frolicking in the grass; it is so nice to see a lamb begin its life out in the field, instead of in a pen in the barn. Her momma ewe is doing a great job looking after her; they are never far apart.

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  1. What a cute lamb! I'm so glad you have the blog up and running. It'll be wonderful to get updates from the farm on a regular basis. -- Sarah